We Have Moved to www.itpm.com!!


The Institute will no longer be uploading new/future Educational Video Courses, Reports & Data, Seminars and Wraps to www.instutrade.com (this site).


All subscribers to the PTM and / or PFTM Video Series (from April 1st 2016) must now consume their educational courses via www.itpm.com/education/ and all new subscribers to the PTM and / or PFTM Video Series and / or new Educational Video Courses released by the Institute must subscribe to and consume their courses on www.itpm.com.


Legacy Subscribers to both the PTM and PFTM Video Series that are pre April 2016 subscribers can still access their courses via instutrade.com/education.

Legacy Subscribers who want to subscribe to any new/future Educational Courses or Videos produced by the Institute must consume them on the new website, www.itpm.com, as this will be the only place they will be uploaded.


Reports and Data Subscribers must now access their files on www.itpm.com/data/.


Seminar delegates wishing to attend ITPM seminars globally must now register for seminars via the new website, www.itpm.com/seminars/.


We continue to appreciate your valued support as the Institute grows.

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