Professional Trading Masterclass - Online Video Series

Welcome to the most comprehensive online Trading Education Course available in the World. Your Teacher and Mentor will be the Institutes Managing Partner and former Goldman Sachs trader Anton Kreil.

For more Information: Watch the video's below by clicking on the play button and download the FAQ's PDF... Further down on the page you can also read what other people are saying about the trading course - these are today all actual Institute members, having passed the exam at the end of the course!

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"I completed the one-month course in June with an 84, and I couldn't be more pleased with the material you covered! There was so much great info that post-test I needed ten days at the beach and a few mixed drinks to dissect :) The PTM is by far the most comprehensive program for traders available and it was worth every penny. I look forward to opening with the Institute in the near future! Thanks again!"
- William Smith (US), July 2014

I just finished the course and wanted to say that I'm very happy with it and have learnt many new concepts and theories about the financial markets that would have otherwise taken me years to figure out.
- Runar (Norway), June 2014

"This truly is the best resource and training material for any retail trader wanting to aspire to that of a professional. I would go as far to say that if you are a retail trader looking to improve and you're serious about becoming a successful trader then this is the Holy Grail that many fail to find. Fantastic. 10/10."
- Wayne Graham (London, UK), June 2014

"I am currently working in the hedge fund administration industry and I have great exposure to what hedge funds do as I manage the operational side of a big long short equity fund. The information I have learned so far is very valuable and worth every penny. I would recommend this course for anyone who is really serious about learning how to trade, because the material is not simplistic like so many other courses. It definitely needs time to practice before you become good at it. Thank you so much for putting this course together."
- Jalal Abdulhadi (London, UK), April 2014

"Anton, the material in your course is unreal. I feel privileged to be a student of your course. It has been an eye opening experience."
- Aaron C Doyle (London, UK), March 2014

"During the first 5 minutes of "Trading the truth" seminar it became plain obvious to me, that "the truth" in the title actually means the real truth. The only regret was that unfortunately I wasted 4 months going from one pointless webinar to another. So I ended up paying much more for cheaper, time wasting webinars, than the PTM. The PTM is the best investment I have ever made."
- Darius Pelesinas (London, UK), December 2013

"After a couple of years trading and learning, studying strategies on forums (technicals, price action, indicators, order flow, etc...) , paying for "expert's" seminars and developing strategies on my own, I can only say one thing: I wish I had bought this course before having to experience all that! It would have saved me a lot of time and money! The material included is excellent and absolutely worth the investment. This is definitely not the "easy money" or "buy when the red line crosses the blue line" kind of approach. Thanks Again!"
- Victor Herraez (Spain), November 2013

"I bought the course and it's the best money spent ever. Glad I found the correct way to trade! Thx!"
- Rune Rusdal (Norway), October 2013

"Since I took the course, I've partnered up with an ex-Hedge Fund trader (10 years industry experience) and we recently just launched our own Hedge Fund. The fund will be a long/short Asian equity focused fund investing in Japan, HK, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines with a volatility cap at 10%. We have also secured Deutsche Bank as our prime broker and even got Goldman Sachs advising the business. Launch date is set at 1st November 2013. It's been one hell of a year and I could never have even dreamed of doing this if it weren't for you. I just wanted to express my appreciation for everything you've taught me."
- Anonymous (Singapore), October 2013

"I opted for the lifetime access so I could review and learn at my own pace and have access when ITPM comes out with new vids. Best 3000$ I ever spent. For me it is a steep learning curve since I have little background in economics but I am starting to see the knowledge benefit me. I'm now starting to get it all sorted."
- Johan Van Cutsem (Thailand), October 2013

"I want to extend my deepest gratitude for your course and mentoring programme. I have found it invaluable in understanding the fundamental reasons that cause changes in the real world which now makes far more sense than just staring at a price chart praying for some sort of enlightenment. My outlook in the trading realm has completely shifted for the better."
- Carl Rostron (Manchester, UK), September 2013

"I wanted to inform you that since taking your course I have left my previous employer and I'm in the final stages of fund raising for my new investment management company. I have a team of individuals twice my age and we will be starting with an AUM of £16M. I would say that's pretty good for 22 year old, wouldn't you agree? I have left a seat open to you on the company advisory board with an equity stake. Take it as a thank you present for literally changing my life."
- Anonymous (London, UK), September 2013

"To say the penny has dropped is an understatement. My thought process has hit the jackpot and it's still paying out pennies."
- Martin Murray (London, UK), August 2013

"I've just completed the Professional Trading Masterclass and had my eyes opened to how the pro's do it. They don't teach you this stuff at school. The course is very well structured with the fun parts helping drive the messages home and lift the lid on technique, discipline and mind-set. I should have done this years ago!"
- Graham Hall (London, UK), July 2013

"I have to say that your course is absolutely amazing. I wanted a big picture. Now I have it and it's also a much clearer picture of the market than ever before."
- Bruno Petit (Belgium), July 2013

"Course is INCREDIBLE !!! Only hope I can gradually put it into practice and grow by being more analytical in my investment decisions making."
- Kwabena Osafo (London, UK), July 2013