IB Programme

The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Managements Introducing Broker (IB) Programme, allows IB participants to introduce trading accounts to the Institute and receive payment for doing so. The rates that we pay our IB's are amongst the highest in the industry, and the retention rates of our trading accounts are unsurpassed, meaning that participants in our IB programme are ensured to receive the highest payments possible for introductions AND on a continual monthly basis. This is because the accounts of your introductions dont simply open for one or two months then close down because they have lost money, meaning you have to replace them just to stand still. We actually educate your introductions to be long term consistently profitable so they stand the greatest chance of making money long term. 65% of Institute traders make money Vs an industry average of 10%.

To apply to the Institutes IB programme, simply fill out the application form below, tell us about yourself and why you think you would be suitable for the programme. If succesful, we will contact you to discuss the programme and send you your complimentary training and marketing materials. We will give your introductions significant discounts on our Educational Seminars and Mentoring Programmes, so you have a considerable USP when marketing to your introductions. As an IB you will also personally receive access to all of the Institutes premium resources, so you can maximize your monthly income.






Trader Development

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