Minimum and Maximum Account Sizes

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The Minimum?

£10,000 deposited in your trading account is the absolute minimum to become an Institute Trader, although to do things meaningfully we would suggest £25,000+

The Maximum?

There is no maximum amount.

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There are no Short-Cuts

A typical Spread Betting or Contracts for Difference Retail Trader is always looking for short-cuts and a "Rule Book" to make their "quick million" from trading. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts and there is no "Rule Book." If there was we would all be Billionaires and all be living in The Garden of Eden. One of the worst mistakes you can make as a retail trader is to believe the nonsense that you can open a trading account with a small amount of money say £1,000, then trade your way to a multi million fortune by leveraging 100X in FOREX and 10X in stocks. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of these people just lose all of their original deposit and "Blow Up." There is no logic to their trading and no research or thought process into why they are taking a position. Most of these people are just following lines on a chart that follows the price of the asset. That "science" is called Technical Analysis and it isn't even a science at all. Most of it is "Mumbo Jumbo" that is used by salesmen to make you believe that you have the ability to trade. Most of the time they don't even understand what they are presenting to you themselves.

A Proper and Professional approach is Required

At the Institute we respect leverage and we educate our traders properly so that they become "Proper" traders. Proper (Professional) traders DO NOT trade in the way outlined above. For this reason, we DO NOT accept people who believe that depositing a small amount of money and leveraging massively is the way "Real," "Professional" or "Proper" traders actually trade. This is just a "story" that has been "sold" to Retail Traders so you form an unbreakable bad habit and keep topping up your trading account and continually "Blow Up." If you are addicted to trading then you are not a "proper trader" - Infact, you may have a gambling problem and should try to address this issue by seeking professional advice. Professional traders fully understand the numbers and respect the risk parameters that are necessary to become consistently succesful. 

Minimum and Maximum Deposits

The minimum initial deposit for an Institute Trader is £10,000. Most of our Traders deposit multiples of this. We do things properly at the Institute and we DO NOT accept people who believe opening trading accounts with small amounts of money and maxing out their leverage capacity is what professional traders do and that they should be taking this approach. If you want to take this approach, we are happy for you to go somewhere else and lose your money. However, if you want to take a PROPER approach and learn how to trade correctly and make consistent long term returns, we will be happy to teach you how to do this. The minimum deposit after you have learnt how to do this and to open your trading account is £10,000.

There is no maximum deposit. We have multiple traders with 6 and 7 figure sums deposited in their trading accounts. However, we would advise that no matter what size of account you open, you should not deposit 100% of your entire life savings into a trading account. This applies not just at the Institute but anywhere and for all amounts of money. To us, that is just totally irresponsible. You don't know if you are any good at trading yet, so why would you start off trading with everything you own? If you are good then you can explore the possibility of adding to your account once you have proven to yourself that you can make money trading. If not, don't increase your risk.

What if I don't have the minimum £10,000?

You can still learn how to trade properly via the Institutes Educational Trading Programme; however you will not qualify when applying to open your account. If you think that's unfair, then that's fine. Unfortunately, there is a barrier to entry when trading properly with real money. The fact we have told you this and we stop you from blowing up means we are responsible and have protected you from losing your money by trading incorrectly, so please don't hate us! Hate the people that try to make you believe the opposite! These are the people that will end up making you poor.

Track Record

Your Track record as a trader is extremely important. For further details on this please go to the section on this website entitled "Trading and Portfolio Management Education" or to be redirected to this area please click HERE. You must think seriously about your Track Record and how your account would be viewed by an outside investor. If you want someone to invest 6 or 7 figures in you to trade with, and earn a performance fee from this, then your track record has to display that you have the ability to handle decent amounts of risk over long periods of time.

The absolute minimum for becoming an Institute Trader is to deposit £10,000 in your trading account. You can still be a competent trader and display profitability, consistency and good trading traits with this amount deposited. However the less you deposit, the less likely you are to receive a significant investment in you as a trader from an outside investor. Its pretty obvious that if you trade with small levels of capital and exposure, it is unlikely that someone will be willing to sponsor you with large amounts of capital. You may be a really good trader for the level of capital you have on account and the level of exposure you take, however you have to be realistic. Outside investors are not stupid. The same goes for Traders with large amounts of capital. Just because you have a sizeable balance in your trading account, doesn't mean you are a good trader. You must display the same abilities as a trader that has a small trading account balance who is good at trading, in order to be backed. However, you would be more likely to receive sizeable amounts of capital because you have displayed that you are a competent trader over time, managing sizeable amounts of capital.

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CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Trading CFDs may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.


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